In Case of Heart Attack WARIS will fly down its expert to any hospital/center to provide Transradial Angiography/Angioplasty services.

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WARIS is a registered society dedicated to preventing heart attacks through voluntary and charitable efforts. They conduct free heart check camps, public awareness programs, and continuing medical education for healthcare professionals across various locations in India. WARIS also focuses on lifestyle interventions and risk assessment, playing a crucial role in reducing heart disease in India. They also promote transradial intervention and have international support for their initiatives.

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Book on Cardiovascular medicine

My book on Cardiovascular medicine is out and will be available soon at AMAZON and all major bookstores pan India & South Asia. My son read the same book during his Cardiology training in the US ! This is a very popular book in the USA.

-- Dr Sanjay Kumar Chugh Renowned Cardiologist & Pioneer of Transradial Interventions.

My Book "Manual of CardiovascularMedicine"(publisher Wolters Kluver) released at AIIMS by Dr Balram Bhargava, Professor of Cardiology and Head of Cardiology. .

-- Dr Sanjay Kumar Chugh Renowned Cardiologist & Pioneer of Transradial Interventions.

On World Heart Day, September 29, 2022, Dr. Naresh Trehan, Chairman of Medanta, launched "My Book of Cardiovascular Medicine," joined by Dr. Sanjay Chugh, a renowned cardiologist and Senior Associate Editor of the "Manual of Cardiovascular Medicine." .

-- Dr Sanjay Kumar Chugh Renowned Cardiologist & Pioneer of Transradial Interventions.


“Opening of blocked heart vessels (arteries) that supply the heart muscle is called Angioplasty. Blockages in these arteries reduce the blood supply to the heart, causing chest pain (angina). Sudden complete blockage can lead to a heart attack, in which the heart muscles start dying. Therefore, it becomes imperative to open these blocked arteries quickly. Conventionally this is done through an artery in the leg,” said Dr Asif Hasan, Head of the Department of Cardiology, Aligarh Medical College, Aligarh Muslim University.

“The new route to the heart goes through the artery of the “wrist” (hence called “radial”). I also use the back of the patient’s hand to perform their angioplasty (distaltransradial angioplasty)  which we found to be equally successful in our Data Star study , published recently in the Indian Heart Journal.

“For the benefit of patients, we participated in a workshop of angioplastythrough handat the Medical College , Aligarh, AMU,  because not only is  the hand thesafest route for angioplasty, with no risk of  bleedingor risk to the patient’s arm ; the patient’s survival chances are betterand risk of dying is ~50% less compared  angioplastydone through the leg, especially in acute ( as in heart attack ) and seriously ill patients ” said Dr Sanjay Chugh MD, DM Cardiology, AIIMS, New Delhi, a Senior Consultant and Associate Director of Interventional Cardiology at Narayana Hospital, Gurugram, a well -known pioneer of Angioplasty through hand and author of a book on the subject.


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