1. India’s first Radial Rota blation ( drilling through coronary as part of Angioplasty ) done by Dr Chugh
  2. First Angioplasty using Slender Tube <1.3 mm done in the world outside Japan by Dr Chugh in 2013
  3. Dr Chugh launched India first Slender Trans Radial Angioplasty Club on July 4th 2015
  4. First walk in walk out Day care Radial Angioplasty Unit at TMH where patients go home 3 hours after Angiography and 24 hours after Angioplasty without having to wait in queue for their procedure along with sick indoor patients.
  5. First Radial lounge of Eastern India started by Dr Chugh . After Angiography and Angioplasty patient can sit in the lounge , enjoy beverages, watch TV and surf the net.
  6. Represented India at Transcatheter Therapeutics in Washington DC, USA, and invited Faculty talk by Dr Sanjay Chugh on Role of pre-procedure imaging in transradial interventions in 2011
  7. Represented India at Annual conference of Society of Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions,  and invited Faculty talk by Dr Sanjay Chugh on ` Choice of Guiding catheter in transradial interventions :what shape, what size?`.Baltimore, Maryland,USA In 2011
  8. Represented India at Transradial Masterclass, UK {Manchester}and invited Faculty talk by Dr Sanjay Chugh on ` Transradial Interventions in small individuals ` & other topics(2009-2013).
  9. Represented India at Transradial Masterclass, UK {Manchester}and  live transradial angioplasty by Dr Sanjay Chugh, transmitted by satellite from India to UK as part of workshop, 2011.
  10. Published paper in Cathetrization and Cardiovascular interventions July 2013  on”Feasibility and Utility of pre-procedure ultrasound imaging of arm arteries in transradial diagnostic and interventional procedures’
  11. Published In Times of India 27 September 2015 : In The world first time Radial Angioplasty was done successfully in a stopped heart in patient with heart attack.