WARIS is a registered society which works to promote wellness, and has a mission of `Helping People, Saving Lives`.

A prominent agenda of the society is to: `STOP HEART ATTACK`. WARIS does awareness programs regarding healthy living, and prevention of heart and other diseases for the public as well as for doctors.

WARIS has a Community Services Program and under this program WARIS runs charitable Clinics and Free Heart Check camps as well as Public Awareness Programs. It also runs Continuing Medical Education(CME) Programs for Physicians, Cardiologists and General Practitioners in Rewari, Bhiwadi, Agra, Alwar, Chomu, Gurgaon, Hisar, Kota, Jhansi, Jaipur,and other towns of Rajasthan, UP, MP, NCR (National Capital Region) of Delhi and other regions of the country.

In the community intervention program (Headed by Hony Director: Dr B Gupta), as part of Free Heart Camps, the Cardiovascular risk of each individual is calculated based on their assessments of Blood Pressure, Lipids, and other factors, which is fed into a software algorithm of American College of Cardiology derived from Framingham Data (USA), The individuals are then given specific advice regarding risk intervention using Lifestyle and Pharmacological methods. Such Interventional programs have been successfully done in many regions of the country. One such remarkable program involved Doctors of Alwar, through IMA Alwar in 2008, where it was discovered that a third of the doctors in the city were unaware of their new onset risk factors, and hence their higher risk of heart attack and cardiovascular disease. Intervention was done successfully in them, using lifestyle modification and therapeutic options.

WARIS conducts continuing medical education (CME) programs for doctors and paramedics on a variety of subjects. The current focus is on cardiology; on `Stopping heart attacks`; on prevention, diagnosis and management of acute STE and NSTE myocardial infarction and other aspects of cardiology, Other areas of focus In cardiology are interventional cardiology as well as transradial, transulnar and distal transradial interventions. The society welcomes participation in wellness programs, and awareness as well as prevention campaigns for diseases related to all specialties, if logistics and funds permit.

India has a large number of patients with Heart disease. Much needs to be done to create awareness about the `Dos and Don’ts ` to prevent heart disease. The campaign`s initial and primary focus is to prevent heart attack. By spreading our message of `Do`s and Don’ts`, the society endeavors to save millions of lives which includes many bread -winners who support their families.

WARIS predominantly promotes Transradial Interventions, creates awareness for transradial interventions in the public and medical fraternity and supports publicity, write-ups and inserts in print , electronic and social media networks. WARIS supports research and publications related to radial access and transradial, transulnar, and the novel distal radial interventions. WARIS also conducts Radial workshops since 2007 which were called India Radial Blitz, and later came to be called RADIAL LIVE since 2009. It is supported and aided by its International patrons in Netherlands, North America and France, as well as by a host of other cardiologists, doctors, organizations, paramedical staff and public.

WARIS is in the process of setting up an online radial university (at: www.radiallive.com)  to educate people about the benefits of transradial access, and to provide training to cardiologists world-wide, as well as to create a neutral platform for cardiologists, physicians and paramedical professionals to exchange ideas, share research and to facilitate designing as well as coordinating of multicenter studies. It will also give an opportunity to cardiologists to showcase challenging cases and share experiences, and difficulties with a view to advancing science and skills


DM/DNB Cardiology or Equivalent.

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Physical course will be at end of 2022, depending on the pandemic situation.


December 2021; Date: TBA

Course fees and curriculum is announced 3 months prior to the course.